Recycling Drop-Off Centers

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Recycle Drop Off Centers

What Can You Recycle and Where?

Residents of Lancaster County who are looking to recycle materials, other than newsprint, glass, plastic bottles, aluminum and steel cans, should visit for information on and a comprehensive list of exactly what you can recycle and where.

For agriculture, business, industry and other large generators of recyclable materials, LCSWMA offers a comprehensive Recycling Drop-Off Center directory which can be downloaded in the following link.

For details on your specific curbside recycling program, contact your municipal recycling coordinator. To find the county or municipality where you live click here.

Preparing Materials for the Recycle Bin

Here are some helpful tips when preparing these materials for the drop-off recycling centers located at LCSWMA's facilities:


Clear, green and brown glass bottles/jars should be thoroughly rinsed to remove any residue. Remove the lids and dispose in the trash. No need to remove the labels. Do NOT put light bulbs, dishes, glassware, window or automotive glass in the bin.

Steel & Tin Cans:

All food and beverage cans made from aluminum, steel or tin should be thoroughly rinsed to remove any residue. Do NOT put metal hangers, cooking pots/pans or other scrap metal like foil and pie plates in the bin.

Plastic Bottle:

This applies to bottles, jars and jugs only—anything that has a "neck". Rinse to remove any residue. Do NOT put plastic bags, toys, packaging, cups or tubs (ex: yogurt or butter containers) in the bin.


Place newspapers and inserts directly in your recycling bin. Do NOT place newspaper in plastic bags or out for collection when it is raining.

A Note on Plastic Bags:

Do NOT put any plastic bags in the recycling bin. Reuse the bags or ask your local grocer if they offer plastic bag recycling. Visit for more helpful information.


Visit to find out where you can recycle unique or uncommon items.

What Can I Recycle