Disposing of Trash

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Disposing of Trash

LCSWMA does not provide your curbside trash pick-up.

Each municipality (city, township or borough) within Lancaster County is responsible for your curbside trash pick-up. Contact your specific municipality and/or trash hauler for the following:

  • Trash pick-up days and times

  • Missed collection Trash bins (new or replacement)

  • Billing questions and payment

  • Other questions regarding curbside trash disposal

Contact your trash hauler to make special arrangements for large items or amounts of trash. Or for a small fee, you can dispose of trash at one of our three facility locations: Transfer Station Complex, Waste-to-Energy Facility or Frey Farm Landfill. Common items delivered to LCSWMA include:

  • Refuse (Trash): $30.00 minimum for up to 820 lbs

  • Car & Motorcycle Tires: $3.00 per tire (with or without rims)

  • Truck Tires: $10.00 per tire (with or without rims)

  • Appliances w/ Refrigerant: $15.00 per item
    (Example: refrigerator, freezer, window AC unit)

  • Appliances w/o Refrigerant: $10.00 per item
    (Example: washer, dryer, microwave)

  • Any Single Item 200 lbs or Less: $15.00
    (Example: mattress, sofa, dresser)

For additional disposal fees, download our Rate Schedule or call (717) 397-9968.

Card Logos

We accept cash, check or credit card. Unfortunately, we do not accept American Express at this time.

All Loads Must Be Tarped and Secured

We ask for your cooperation when delivering loads to any LCSWMA facility. Help us protect the environment by preventing litter from waste deliveries. Not only is this required by all Lancaster County municipalities, but shows courtesy to residents living along roads leading to LCSWMA facilities.

Repeat violations will be shared with local law enforcement and may result in suspension of access to LCSWMA facilities.

Thank you for your help in keeping our community clean and safe!

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