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    Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority

    LCSWMA manages the municipal solid waste and recyclable materials from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania homes and businesses, as well as refuse for the City of Harrisburg and surrounding Dauphin County communities. Once the waste is delivered by private haulers, LCSWMA employs a multi-step approach to trash disposal and processing, called an Integrated System. This Integrated System not only saves significant landfill capacity, it also creates clean, renewable energy (electricity).

    Learn how LCSWMA Transforms Waste Into a Resource!
    Click below to learn how LCSWMA transforms waste into a resource for our community!

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    Solid waste management is the most important industry in the country, affecting the ecology of cities, countries and even the world. The problems of global warming are associated with poor-quality processing. But our company uses the proven technology of the UN mission and improve the environment of our country and the World in General. Ecology affects primarily the health of people. In the past year men from poor environment and nutrition go to the doctor with frequent question how to cure erectile dysfunction at home, but I understand that they went too far and required therapy and medication. The cause of erectile dysfunction is the environment and not the correct way of life. The symptoms are very obvious in erectile dysfunction – it is the inability to achieve, as well as orgasm, and the softness of the penis during the act and excitement. It is necessary to immediately begin to monitor the health, you ask how? Doctor Steve D. K. Gave some recommendations : go for a walk, move more and do exercises to treat erectile dysfunction at home, eat properly, stop drinking alcohol and Smoking. And your health will not only improve, but also there will be more energy and strength.

    You can also explore the digital flipbooks below to read more on how we protect the environment, while supporting our community and building a more sustainable future.

    Company Overview Flipbook
    Resident's Guide Flipbook
    2016 LCSWMA Annual Report